SONG BOOKS 2016-2023 /Sculpture as Writing

The first book in the series of SONG BOOKS was developed in 2016 for the exhibition ‘Inglan is a Bitch’  in Spor Klübü in Berlin. All books in this series up to now have been written on verse on a specific theme of our times. The series include themes such as global warming, engineering,  the human body, Covid19, war and loneliness. 

books 2016-2021/ Sculpture as Writing

The series of Song books by Kirsten Palz has been developed since 2016. Written on verse each of the book engages with a current theme.

2020 Song book / Book of Verse Covid-19. Edition.

2020 Song book/ Book of Verse Below the Sun.  Second Edition.

2018 Songbook/ Human Biotope and Bioengineering. Special Edition with drawing of Erik Steinbrecher.

2019 Song book / Book of Verse Do we feel lonely. Edition.

2016 Songbook/ Book of Verse. Edition.