Kirsten Palz
Kirsten Palz has lived in Copenhagen, NYC, Rotterdam and lives in Berlin since 2001. 

Language, machine-code, AI, robotics, data, programming, post-human aesthetics, glitch, generative music, construction of scenarios.

Studio-based production. High-tech and low-tech combined.

Artist Collectives:  
ACTA with Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez  

Founder of:
Independent space: 'le Foyer du Château’ 

Artist collaborations include
Catherine Christer Hennix
Yona Friedman
Paul Polaris
Erik Steinbrecher
Kurd Alsleben and Antje Eske 
Norbert Palz

Studio assistant:
Thomas Bohne

Curriculum Vitae
Born: Copenhagen 1971

1999-2003 Master of Computer Science, IT-University, Copenhagen, Denmark.
1994-1998 Graduate of Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts, New York, NYC. Studies with Lynda Benglis and Haim Steinbach.
1992-1994 Billedskolen, Copenhagen. Studies with Erik Lynge and Bjørn Bråten.

Solo-shows and Performances:
2022 ‘Chronicles of Extinction’, Changing Room, Berlin.
2022 ‘Nie wieder Krieg’ (performance) Neue Nationalgalerie, Mahnmal für Ukraine, Berlin.
2020 Re-imagining America, Spor Küblü, Berlin.
2020 ‘Below the Sun’ , Changing Room, Berlin.
2019 Urhütte: Variations on an Archetype. Performative reading and dialogue with Norbert Palz. SCHARAUN, Siemensstadt. Exhibition Heidegger’s Hut. Curated by Jaro Straub.
2019 Kirsten Palz. E.S. KOMMT UND GEHT Disko – Buchhandlung, Berlin.
2019 SET AND ALGORITHM Performance. Invited by Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez. Changing-room, Berlin.
2018 New editions with ACTA. Friends with Books. Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin.
2017 Sculpture as Writing // Konversationskunst in Botschaft, Berlin. Kirsten Palz with Antje Eske & Kurd Alsleben.
2016 Data Mining Kiosk. Exhibition in VII Acts, ACTA with Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez. Nationalmuseum, Berlin.
2015 Breakfast at Paul's, Schwartzsche Villa, Berlin.
2015 ‘Sculpture in four parts’ ACTA with Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez, Grimmuseum, Berlin.
2015 Performance with Efrat Stempler. Month of performance, Momentum, Berlin.
2015 Choreography for One. Performance with 26 readings for dancers. Eden, Berlin.
2015 Dance 001 (Performance), Tete, Berlin. Invited by April Gertler og Susanne Kohler.
2014 Sculpture for closed space. (Performance). Studiolo, Kunst-Werke, Berlin. Invited by Erik Steinbrecher.
2014 3D Soirée. Lesung I +II/ Manuale von Kirsten Palz mit Erik Steinbrecher. Zürcher Hochschule der Künste.
2013 Ernst in der Sache. Performance with Paul Polaris. Kunsthaus Zürich. Heimplatz 1, Zürich. Curated by ZURBS sozial-artistisches Stadtlabor für Zürich.
2013 Performance ; Manuals for R. Momentum, Berlin. Invited by Rachel Rits-Volloch.
2012 Sculpture for Friends. Ozean, Berlin. Curated by Hester Oerlemans.
2012 Sculpture as Writing. Grey Sheep, Institut für Raumexperimente, Berlin. Invited by Studio Olafur Eliasson.
2011 proudly presents Kirsten Palz and Jeroen Jacobs., Berlin.
2010 Kirsten Palz _ Manuals. Spor Klübü, Berlin.

2023 The Last Laugh. Nationalmuseum, Berlin.
2023 MICROLOGIES. The Gregory Allicar Museum of Art, Colorado State University.
2023 Art from Elsewhere Mexico City. Lagos Mexico City.
2022 Blind Vision, Wilhelminenhofstr. Berlin. 
2022 MICROLOGIES, Irenic Projects, LA Pasadena. Berlin- Los Angeles Connect. Curated by Aitor Lajarin and Jaro Straub.
2021 Temporäre Projekte im Stadtraum. Organised by lfdc.
2021 States of Emergency, Momentum, Berlin.
2021 Points of Resistance, Zionskirche, Berlin.
2020 ELYSIUM. Group-show at Positions, Berlin.
2019 PEACE. Group show. Spor Klübü, Berlin.
2016 ‘Inglan is A Bitch’. Spor Klübü, Berlin.
2016 Gutai (Performance) Tokyo. Wonder Site, Japan.
2016 Psycotropic Sculpture for closed space. (Performance). Tete, Berlin.
2015 Xerox, Bar Babette, Berlin. Curated by Hester Oerlemans.
2015 Tekst efter Text, Den Frie, Copenhagen.
2015 Works on paper. Month of performance, Momentum, Berlin. Curated by Rachel Rits-Volloch.
2014 Festival of Future Nows. (Performance) Neue Nationalgalerie, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin. Invited by Institut für Raumexperimente.
2014 IWF Mördertreff, Spor Klübü, Wedding, Berlin. Invited by Matthias Mayer.
2014 Die Äesthetic des Wiederstands, IG Bildende Kunst, Wien. Initiert by Julia Lazarus und Moira Zoitl.
2013 Thresholds: crossing boarders between video, performance and the visual arts. Momentum Archive of Performance. Collegium Hungaricum, Berlin. Curated by Rachel Rits-Volloch.
2013 Ernst in der Sache with Paul Polaris. 'Invisible Zurich'. Stadtarchiv, Südbühne, Gessnerallee, Zürich. Curated by ZURBS sozial-artistisches Stadtlabor für Zürich.
2013 ‘REMIX – 10 years in the mix’, Spor Klübü, Berlin.
2013 ‘The Oracle’, invited by ff, The Wand, Berlin.
2013 Works On Paper, MOMENTUM, Berlin. Curated by Rachel Rits-Volloch.
2013 ff /Erogenous Zone, Temporary Autonomous Zone /2/. Galerie in Körnerpark, Berlin. Curated by Mathilde ter Heijne and Juliane Solmsdorf /ff.
2012 Unfair poetry and other art things. Invited by Institut für Raumexperimente. The World Is Not Fair – Die Grosse Weltausstellung.
2012 ‘Cocaine –.’ Spor Klübü, Wedding, Berlin. Invited by Matthias Mayer.
2012 Presence /Absence. A group show with Elly Clark / Adrian Lee / Kirsten Palz / Laure Prouvost. Curated by Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez, Hotel Paravent, Berlin.
2012 LANDING, Project-room Teksas, Denmark. Curated by Peter Holm and Karin Lind.
2011 Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em. Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin. Curated by Matthias Mayer.
2011 SOLOS II, Ozean, Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin. Curated by Hester Oerlemans.
2011 MOLTO with Rivane Neuenschwander, Knut Henrik Henriksen and Kirsten Palz, Artissima Lido, Turin. Curated by Caroline Eggel.
2011 Künstlerische Produktion, Espace Surplus, Berlin. Curated by Dr. Bettina Springer and Barbara Krijanovsky.
2011 The 4th Gemini Show. WEST GERMANY, Berlin. Invited by Lise Harlev and April Gertler.
2011 Wilhelm Reich | Ayn Rand. Gallery Essays and Observations, Berlin. Curated by Matthew and Sonja Burbidge.
2011 An Exchange with Sol LeWitt. The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MOCA). Curated by Regine Basha.
2010 Stranded in the Future. Spor Klübü, Berlin. Curated by Matthias Mayer.

Curatorial Works
2017-ongoing ‘le Foyer du Château’
2017 Catherine Christer Hennix at Maerzmusik, Berlin.
2015 Everything is a living object. German Pavilion Venice. Curator-collective with Yona Friedman.

2016-ongoing  Art + Feminism. Edit-a-thon Berlin. Various locations, Berlin.
2019 Guest-critic. Seminar: Seminar Kennen Sie sie? on Architektinnen, UDK.
2019 On Writing. Seminar: Node, UDK. Architectural department.
2015 Breakfast at Paul's with Kirsten Palz. Schwartzsche Villa, Berlin.
2015 Vortrag Schreib-praksis. UDK, Berlin.
2014 Artist crit with Kirsten Palz. Invited by Asmund Havsten.
2012 I’ll sing you a song. Die Friedrich Christian Flick Collection, Berlin. Guided tour for singers. Non-official performance – outside the institution’s listed program.
2011 Happy to be with you. Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg. Non-official Performance – outside the institution’s listed program.
2008 Everything you see. Hamburger Bahnhof -Museum für Gegenwart, Berlin.
Performance: Experimental guided tour for teachers. Non-official performance – outside the institution’s listed program.

Competitions and others:
2019 The Danish Pavilion in Venice. Invited by the Danish art counsil.
2019 Antipode. Kunst am Bau Competition with Claudia Kapp. Berlin.
2019 Urhütte for two. Kunst am Bau Competition. Sachsen-Anhalt.
2013 Comissioned art-works invited by Dr. Bettina Springer and Barbara Krijanovsky for F******* -Towards New Perspectives on Feminims. Neue Berliner Kunstverein (nbk).
2013 Ø _ competition organised by MOMA and PS1, NYC.
2013 Geometry for everyone. Design competition.

2014 Vaserely Foundation, Aix-en-Provence, France. Invited by Digital and Experimental Design, University of the Arts, Berlin and Pierre Vasarely.
2011 Karl-Marx-Allee 24, Apartment 5a, Berlin. Invited by Erik Steinbrecher.

Publications and Editions:
2023 Songbook /Nunca más la guerra. Un lamento. Edition.
2022 Studio, A0 Poster. Edition.
2022 Translations. Edition.
2022 Songbook/Nie wieder Krieg. A lament. Edition.
2022 Chronicle of Extinction 13-25. Edition.
2021 Chronicle of Extinction 1-12. Edition.
2020 Songbook/Covid-19. Edition.
2020 Set and Algorithm. A playwright. Online publication.
2019 Songbook/ Below the Sun. Edition.
2019 Songbook/ Do we feel lonely. Edition.
2019 ‘A dialogue about the Urhütte, Shelter, and Architecture’ in ‘homecomings 1, 2, 3, etc.’ curated by Cassandra Edlefsen Lasch and Annabelle von Girsewald. Publisher Archive Books.
2018 Songbook/ Human Biotope and Bioengineering. Edition.
2017 ‘On Architecture as an Instrument’. Catalogue Maerzmusik, Berliner Festspiele.
2017 Absagen, A0 Poster. Edition.
2017 Two letters work. Edition.
2016 Protocol ACTA. Edition.
2016 Songbook/ Book of Verse. Edition.
2015 Kirsten Palz 100 works. (200 pages.) Publisher: Distribution: Motto.
2014 Object Manual 0047. Publisher: Editions.
2014 Object 112. Publisher: Editions.
2014 Zurich Manuals 1-18. Edition.
2013 Objekt Manual 0670. Publisher:
2012 Contribution to Tick Journal. Institut für Raumexperimente, UdK Berlin.
2010 Longe daqui, aqui mesmo. open call for artists books; Donation to the Library, 29. São Paulo Biennale. 

2022 Stiftung Kunstfond Stipendium.
2021 Berlin Senate Research Stipendium.
2020 Statens Kunstfond. Produktionsstipendium.
2016 Statens Kunstfond. Arbejdsstipendium.
2015 Statens Kunstfond. Produktionsstipendium.
2014 Statens Kunstfond. Produktionsstipendium.
2013 Statens Kunstfond. Arbejdstipendium.
2012 Statens Kunstfond. Produktionsstipendium.