// Studio 9

Kirsten Palz
Studio 9, Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 9
10178 Berlin, Germany

In the past decade I have shown my work in a variety of exhibitions, performances and readings in Berlin and abroad and worked collectively with Berlin-based artists. My work has been structured around a text archive, which now consists of about 500 texts or instruction-pieces for performative actions, these includes  experiments, sculptures, performances, theater-scripts and choreographies. The archive, which is titled ‘Sculpture as Writing’ departs from an expanded concept of sculpture that can materialize -across techniques and disciplines.

I run a project space 'le Foyer du Château' in Berlin and support and curate works of other artists. I am involved with the organisation Art+Feminism and have organised the workshop EDIT-A-THON (wikipedia) in Berlin taking place  every year on International Women’s Day.